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Wife Sharing & Hot wifing.

Hotwifing or “hot wife” is just what the name suggests a hot wife. This term generally refers to a couple where the wife is hot enough to attract another man outside parameters of the marriage and the husband would look forward to some sexual interaction between his wife and the other man.

Hotwifing is more of an act then a lifestyle. While wife sharing or swingers as they are usually known are more prone to getting a couple or couples to their bedroom hotwifing focuses more on inviting another man into the bedroom.

While most men would consider the idea of another man having an intimate relationship with their wives outrageous there are some for whom this is a fantasy and this may not always be the man who desires this. While this may sound like its coming out of a cheap “porno” it’s very real and a lot of couples participate in hotwifing some in the hopes of enhancing their marriages.

 A wife swap on the other hand is done to bring a change from the monogamous nature of the bedroom where both partners get a change of sexual partners. Wife Sharing goes back quite some time as compared to hotwifing. Wife sharing is generally an ongoing activity where couples continually engaging in having intercourse with other couples while hotwifing is not all that frequent.

Some would wonder as to why a man would want something like this for his wife. The answers could me numerous   from trying to save a marriage to returning a sexual favor or it could just be that the man lo9ves his wife and wants her to feel free and excited. Hotwifing after all would bring back the feeling and excitement of dating that gradually diminishes in the institution of marriage.

Hotwifing is a popularly increasing trend where a lot of couples are getting into into it , even swingers who are usually into wife sharing are moving on to hotwifing .Hotwifing is basically the woman expressing her “hotness” that every woman sees in herself . While some women desire this most do not think it is possible and pass it off as a harmless fantasy till it is actually happening.

There are many levels of hotwifing from soft playful caresses to kissing and finally intercourse. It depends how far the couple wants to take it and whether the couple only wants somebody to “watch”

Hotwifing can be fun but it’s important to keep in mind to take things slowly and keep communicating.

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